Sunday, March 16, 2008

Holy holy week, Batman

I've been much in need of cheering up lately, and have found some welcome hilarity on the Washington Post's website. They're holding their annual Peeps Diorama contest, and the slideshow of last year's winners is a real hoot. I'm reminded of a grad-school acquaintance's annual Easter Jell-O creations: the only time I ever saw one in person, it was a Jell-O rendition of the parting of the Red Sea, with Cool-Whip waves and some kind of action figure dressed up as Moses. (Mike, Don, Sarah--what were some of the others?)

All I know is, one of the things that's gonna get me through this last week of classes before spring break is knowing that next Sunday I can see the winners of this year's diorama contest. And maybe the Easter bunny will bring some Peeps of my own to start drying out to be crunchy and ready to eat around, oh, Memorial Day. However, I won't be doing any cooking with them.


yarmando said...

The "Ten Commandments" jello recreations are documented in a Flickr set. We lack photographic evidence of the Jello "Hounds and Jackals" game, and of the year we departed from "The Ten Commandments" to watch "Ben Hur" (with Jello chariot race).

Rose said...

Don, I can't tell you how completely delighted I am that Julianna's Jell-O masterpieces were documented for posterity! Thanks for the link--I've added it to the main post. --R.