Saturday, June 7, 2008

Behind the curve, as usual

OK, so y'all have probably long ago heard about "Googlisms." Or so I gather after going to a lecture the other day where the person introducing the speaker said "I found some Googlisms on [speaker's] name--I'm sure everyone's used it before" and I had that familiar feeling that, once again, I'm far more behind technologically than I ever imagined.

Fortunately, this is a no-brainer. I'm reminded of a freeware application I had years ago that would generate all the possible anagrams for any name or phrase you typed in. My favorite anagram for my own name was "a seamy hoary wrath," and Tom's best result was "the Fed's bathroom."

Among my favorite Googlisms:
hathaway is one more victim of cheap labor
hathaway is aware that any song recorded will stay with her a lifetime
hathaway is somewhat limited
hathaway is clearly abandoning realpolitik and seeking a moralistic scapegoat
hathaway is on a buying binge
hathaway is watching her own cinderella story unfold
hathaway is the only remaining heir to the throne
hathaway is auroramud's patron saint
hathaway is a diva
hathaway is always in the kitchen
hathaway is still getting her bearings around the press but she was at least willing to let it all down in front of our tape recorders

For an amusing five minutes, try it out! BTW, there are a million online anagram generators, if you have another few minutes to waste: here's one.

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