Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The cat days of summer

Here's a clue: they're nothing like the dog days, as far as I can tell.

The kitties are a mess. The colds they had when we got them have turned into upper respiratory infections, for which they're taking antibiotics, and now they have ringworm, so they're coated in a greasy antifungal goo. Better still: the spores can stay active for up to 18 months, so experts recommend steam-cleaning all carpets, upholstery, and curtains, and dousing every other surface with a dilute bleach solution. And did I mention that humans can get ringworm from cats? So now every time I have the slightest itch, I'm sure that I, too, am about to raise my foot and try to scratch my ear off.

We're trying to dwell on the positive: they seem unphased by any of this--are still running around and wrestling with each other and eating like small horses. But honestly, this is not what I bargained for when we adopted these babies. I feel horrible even saying that, but, well--let's just say I'm sending out props to all you real parents of real children who nurse them through illnesses and clean up after them with nary a thought. At least I can shut these two in the basement when they get too skanky.


--S. said...

Oh, no! I guess all of those things are pretty common in the kitties, but still. At least, as you say, it's not impairing their ability to go about their kitteny business! Fingers crossed that everything will clear up soon.

Anonymous said...

That's why nature makes babies so cute-otherwise, who spend the time taking care of them?

Though as someone who has nurtured both human and canine babies, I have to say, the human was far easier!

Hang in there guys!


Rose said...

Yes, though that's the problem: they're not so cute at the moment. More like scabby little greaseballs. But they still do very cute things, so I guess that counts.

And I will say, having just given them a bath, that they're incredibly tolerant little creatures. Poor Pip (the calico) just sat in the water the whole time, waiting patiently for the ten minutes to be up.