Monday, November 10, 2008

Romantoes' lab results are in--it's a worthless, feeling neuter!

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Actually, I'd like to have that $1,693.62 right now, since I just got a bill for some masonry repair that's only about fifty bucks less than that. Where do I cash in?

The "What is your blog worth?" analyzer is just one of the blog-analysis tools linked on the LibraryBytes site, along with a "Typealyzer" (analyzes your blog's Myers-Briggs type--this one's an ESFP) a Genderanalyzer (ours is "gender neutral" and proud!), and a Readability Test (not so sexy).

So, all you fellow bloggers: check it out and let us know what your blog's type is! Why does this sound like a bad 70s pickup line revised for the new millennium: "What's your blog sign, baby?" Still, I wanna know.


Erica said...

Your blog,, is worth $7,903.56
Um... wow. Anybody wanna buy a blog?!?

Actually, I consider that to be evidence that their algorithm is a little out of whack :-)

Erica said...

I'm gender neutral, "feeling" (SRSLY?), and... my readability level is Junior High School. I'm not sure if I should dumb it down or erudite it up.

historiann said...

Yeah, I'm with Erica. That site told me that is worth $45,163.20. The question is, to whom? And does ze have the money?

As soon as I can figure that out, and my blog meets or exceeds my annual salary, I'm quitting my day job. (And at $45K, my blog is painfully close to what I get from Baa Ram U.)

Thanks for the laugh!

Christy said...

I'm left wondering now what it means to be worth $3,387.24. I think I'm having a Steven Wright moment.

Rose said...

I always feared it was true, but apparently this blog really *is* a worthless piece of s**t! I can't believe everyone else's blog is worth at least twice as much. I blame it on Bob Seger. He's depressing my intellectual property values.