Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Now we don't have to listen to *jazz* all day long!"

'Cause that would be the worst, you know. (Apparently, my enjoyment of jazz makes me a traitor to my gender, the working class, and corporate America.)

I promise a more original post soon, but in the meantime, this is one of the funnier things I've run across lately. I especially enjoy the skewering of those awful Evista commercials.


Jane Kokernak said...

I love Sarah.
That totally made me laugh out loud.

Why do women keep getting sucked into commercials????? They make us look stupid, as do the magazines. I wonder if she has a take on, e.g., Glamour.

Rose said...

There's another segment on the Disney Princesses that's not nearly as funny as it should have been, alas. But I love this one...the KFC dance is the part that made me laugh out loud!

Christy said...

Who *is* this woman? She's awesome! (sorry, I don't have cable and/or I'm not keeping up on web feeds like maybe I should. SOS. I need more info).

Rose said...

Hey Christy--I've only seen the segments on the web, but the woman is Sarah Haskins, and her "Target: Women" feature is on a show called "Info Mania" that airs on the Current network.

You can watch them online here:

They're not all as clever as this one, but are well the 2-3 minutes of your time they take.

Anonymous said...

Very few things make me laugh right out loud but I gotta say this was one of them. Oops! I think I peed my pants... Pam