Friday, September 4, 2009

When swine flew

--that would've been my response if you'd asked me how often Tom has canceled classes and stayed home when he's been sick. He's one of those cranky, stubborn sick people who stoically go to work, then come home, lie on the couch, and moan. (Needless to say, I'm the same way.)

But now that WVU has two confirmed cases of H1N1 and the President of the United States has not just given people permission to stay home when they're sick, but ordered them to, it's another story. Tom's been fevery and stuffy for a couple of days, so he's couch bound today.

And if you won't listen to the President, maybe you'll take the advice of the "Notorious F.L.U.":


Jane Kokernak said...

I think I am like you and Tom -- I'd have to be hospitalized before I canceled a class. In fact, on the last day of the semester, spring 2006, I was unexpectedly hospitalized for chest pain (it turned out to be musculoskeletal and related to stress!), and I got my husband (who is not a teacher) to teach my last class, according to my lesson plan.

However... this semester I am going to heed all the public health warnings, and aim from prevention by sleeping well (not staying up 'til 1am grading papers), using hand sanitizer (which I hate), and sticking with all the diet and exercise stuff that falls by the wayside around midterms.

Do I sound like a granny? ("Eat your vegetables, dear.")

Rosemary said...

Jane, that's an incredible story or true dedication! (And devotion, on your husband's part.) As for granny: there's a reason she lived long enough to *be* a granny, right?