Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sixty-five years ago today

On April 18th, 1945, my Dad was interviewed by Armed Forces radio in the Po Valley of Italy, about his job with the 91st Infantry Division. After the war, he requested a copy of the recording, which arrived on a shellac 78 rpm disc...and which, long-time readers won't be surprised to hear, my dad kept all his life.

This is the original interview, to which he added a short introduction some time later, when he transferred it over to audiotape.* I'm not sure when he did this, though his voice still sounds quite young to me, so I imagine it was at least thirty or forty years ago.

Happily, he did get to "go home where it's quiet" soon after this recording, since V-E Day happened less than three weeks later.

*And thanks to my brother, Mark Hathaway, who had the foresight to digitize the whole thing a few years ago! Good thing Dad's techie gene got passed down.

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