Monday, February 14, 2011

More Valentine's Day ephemera

A roundup of the new old Valentines we've added to our collection recently:

 Can't tell the exact vintage of these, but I'm guessing 1930s?

This back of this one is dated February 14, 1942.  How many Valentines are you likely to find these days with verbs like "compel" and "dispense"?

This (and the two at the top) have moveable parts--here, when you move the tab on the right up, the "Do Not Disturb" sign and the boyfriend appear.  I love the flapper-ish look of the girl here (a Betty Boop prototype, or perhaps knockoff?)

And another mechanical Valentine.  I just love the detail on this one, with the portrait of the adoring girl gazing down at her football hero.

And here's another Valentine's item that's going to be even more ephemeral:  peppermint-flavored, heart-shaped marshmallows.  Marshmallow-making seems to be turning into a Valentine's weekend tradition around here.  (Which is not to say that we haven't made, or consumed, other batches since last February...urp.)

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Historiann said...

Yum! Don't marshmallows ship pretty well, Rose?

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day.