Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cheers! Salute! Proost! A votre santé!

So, we're a little late with the report on our first batch of beer. In fact, of the 46 bottles we put up, there are only about a dozen left in the basement. Before you start worrying, many of them went to Columbus and on to friends and relatives. It's been a rough couple months, but not quite that rough.

I guess the fact that so much of it is gone is the best testimony, though, to the fact that it was (and is) really good! Not just palatable, but tasty: dry, malty without being sweet, a little hoppy, and with modest carbonation that makes it drink like an English draft ale. 

The inaugural tasting happened at my mom's house in Columbus a few weeks ago, where we paired it with (what else?) my sister's fabulous homemade pizza.

The following week we made our own homemade pizza and broke out a couple more bottles: delicious.

I'm afraid Jane may be right: this could easily turn into an obsession.  In fact, we've just received our second and third kits from Northern Brewer

Next up: "The Innkeeper," described as being similar to Bass Pale Ale.  Once we get that started, we'll be heading up to South Hills Brewing to get a secondary fermentor so we can make the "Chinook IPA."  And Tom's got a bug to make mead at some point.  Stay tuned! 


Erica Retrochef said...

That's pretty awesome! Congratulations :) I keep leaning more and more towards getting one of these for beer-loving relatives and this is tipping me further that way...

Jane said...

The inaugural event looks enviable. I am vicariously tasting it all through the photos and description.

Christy said...

Maybe there's a microbrewery in your future. Stranger things have happened :-).