Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Strip-mas!

It's been a long, long semester, but yesterday we managed a quick trip up to the Strip District in Pittsburgh to do some Christmas shopping.

The Strip is crowded and lively on any Saturday, but especially during the holiday season!  And in addition to the usual seasonal decor, there are some distinctly Pittsburgh-y touches.

Tables full of greenery

Tables full of Italian cookies

Ceiling full of piƱatas at Reyna Foods

"Si se puede, Steelers" sign at the taco stand outside Reyna--where a mile-long line kept us from indulging. (Google Translate says this means "If they can, Steelers":  surely there's a better translation?)

Festive holiday-themed Terrible Towels...and of course, the ubiquitous breast-cancer pink Terrible Towel

"Andiamo, Steelers!"

Outside of the amazing Penn Mac.  We didn't even try to go to the deli side on this trip--people were packed in there like sardines

Huge lines waiting to check out at Penn Mac, where we got several kinds of pasta, three-grain risotto, dried canellini beans, shallots, and other goodies

"Ritorna presto":  we most certainly will.  There's always a great reason to come back to the Strip.

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