Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fifty ways to get home for Christmas, nos. 1 and 2: Just hop on the bus, Gus

Somehow, I suspect that riding a bus through heavy snow in a rural area during the holidays was never as romantic as these corporate holiday cards from General Motors' Truck & Coach division make it seem:

Are those buses actually on a designated road?  If so, the local residents really need to get on the municipality's case about the plowing situation.  This is why you pay taxes, folks!

--though I also like the idea of a giant old bus like this doing some off-roading to get its passengers right to their door in time for Christmas.

Time magazine, meanwhile, just sends Santa up in the kind of prop plane that you actually have to push to start, in this undated card/advertisement for last-minute gift subscriptions:

Hope our loyal readers are already safely arrived at their destinations, and don't have to rely on any of these forms of transportation to get there.  Happy holidays!  See the other pieces of Christmas ephemera from Tom's recent auction box lot here and here

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