Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too Much Zappa

When Rose and I got satellite tv here (a first for us, who've never even had cable before), it came with a number of Sirius satellite radio channels, way up in the 6000s. We've spent some time listening to Outlaw Country, First Wave, The Big 80s, Soul Town, and Pure Jazz, but my secret vice, I have to admit, is The Vault.

So, if Rose is out of town, or out of the house, or even simply upstairs, I sometimes put the tv on The Vault and wallow in the lost seventies jams and classics that live there. They play The Who, Yes, as well as occasional songs from Springsteen, Petty, and the Dead--you know, all the kind of music that (at least for someone my age) seems like the kind of stuff that a cooler older brother would have listened to. And an occasional Rush song, too--The Vault has a thing for longer songs that no one else ever plays.

But as far as I'm concerned, The Vault plays just a little too much Frank Zappa. Somehow, I don't know why, I've never acquired the Zappa taste, and the occasional Vault offering doesn't really work for me. Ah well.


Michael said...

Not even, "Watch out where the huskies go/Don't you eat that yellow snow"? Not even Suzy Creamcheese? Frankly, I've always thought Zappa was more to be appreciated than enjoyed or loved.

pilypas said...

As a real older if questionably cooler brother I would suggest you take your secret to the internet. KGNU,KCUV and Radio1190 in Boulder as well as many other stations broadcast on the internet. Alternatively you can take a favorite song to and create your own radio station. Zappa was best seen live where he directed the music on stage with amazing precision. Quite like Dave Brubeck.