Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have a finger-lickin' good Halloween!

I've never been a big fan of Halloween--at least, not once I got past trick-or-treating age (and drunken costume-party age). I don't much like being scared, which puts a damper on things. But --as some of you not only know, but were witness to--Halloween does indeed mark the anniversary of Tom's and my official couple-dom. So, I guess I have to observe the occasion in some way.

Tonight we'll be heading up the hill for the un-party of fellow Greeley expat and Halloween-hater, Brian, to hand out treats to those kids with the cardiovascular endurance to venture off the flatter parts of Waitman Street.

At home, the cats will be having their own shindig, since this is Stella's signature holiday, being one of those unlucky black cats and all. Here she is, striking the traditional spooky pose (or doing her best Gene Simmons impersonation, take your pick):

Pip, on the other hand, is working on her "cocktail-swilling society matron" getup. I think she's just about got it down.

The best costume I've seen this year, though, was last weekend in Louisville, Kentucky. Just down the street from the hotel where the conference I was attending was being held, the local Radio Disney station was sponsoring a kids' costume contest. This little guy was one of the finalists, unsurprisingly. Too bad I didn't catch him another block further down the street, in front of the life-sized statue of Col. Sanders at the Louisville Visitors' Center!


historiann said...

Hope you had a good time tonight! We had an astronaut and a firefighter eating candy at our house tonight, and helping to hand out candy to others once they were through.

Rose said...

Sadly, we only had about six trick-or-treaters! (And Brian only had two...we all ate a LOT of candy at his house last night.)

There was a big football game going on at the high school two blocks over, though, so I'm thinking a lot of folks avoided our neighborhood knowing there'd be a lot of traffic and teenagers roaming the streets.

Hope you saw more kids than we did...I fear that trick-or-treat is dying a slow death!