Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Next Stop: Winter!

Regular readers, I hope, may recall my lament about the size of the lawn here and the all-too-frequent necessity of whacking the grass, which I wrapped up by noting that "I'll probably need to adopt some protective eye goggles. That should be a look."

How silly of me--clearly, protective eye-goggles no longer provide appropriate yard-work security, as I discovered while flipping through the latest "Improvements" catalogue that was recently delivered to our house (conveniently addressed to us "OR CURRENT RESIDENT") via the US mail.

All that is missing from the picture of the "Snow Thrower Cab" is the snow shovel attachment for it to be perfectly usable here at the new house (even as a corner lot, the sidewalks are still too short to need a mechanical snow blower, so I'll have to kludge some sort of alternate attachment system I guess).

And it says it won't shrink or stretch. Maybe I'll get a second one for the long walk to campus, too.


Jim said...

When that guy slips and falls on the ice, it will be fun watching him try to get up.

historiann said...

Is your reputation for neighborhood oddball and campus kook not yet fully established? Well, hailing that "cab" will seal the deal, Tom!

Affectionately yours,


Jane Kokernak said...

I laughed even before I started reading!

I see product photos like that, and I try to imagine the person who came up with the idea, and the Eureka! moment, and the tinkering in the home workshop.

Not sure why, but this looks like homespun genius to me.

Thanks, Rosemary!