Monday, December 21, 2009

Digging out

We didn't get hammered here as badly as folks further south and east did, but we still had a good eight inches of snow between Friday night and Saturday. Since Tom and I were both buried under final papers and exams, we didn't even leave the house until today.

You might recall that Tom has a penchant for odd snow-removal devices. Well, today he decided that a snow shovel was the best thing to use to clear the snow off the car. And he was right. We also took a push broom to it after the first pass with the shovel, and managed to clear it most of the way off.

This is definitely the heaviest snow we've had in the two-plus years we've lived in Morgantown; too bad we've been so busy that we haven't had a chance to get out our snowshoes and hike over to White Park. Somehow, I have a feeling we'll have other chances this winter.


Catherine Zoerb said...

Your house is SO cute! :)

ej said...

Snow in Morgantown? Who knew.

I love the photos of Tom. So familiar in his winter coat and hat.

George said...

Haha - "penchant for odd snow-removal devices"! Let me tell you... We bought a snow blower last winter (because some of us aren't as young as we used to be!) and unless you have used one, you might not realize how that personal shelter just might be of great use. Imaging a scenario where it is maybe 0 degrees with a light wind and you are plowing through half a foot (or more) of fine and light snow. All goes well on pass 1 down the drive, but pass two up the drive forces you to "shoot" the snow effectively into the wind. Some, not a lot, but PLENTY, of that snow comes right back in your face! Of course, your face is above freezing and that snow decided to use some of your energy to convert from a solid to a liquid - such a wonderful experience when you have a 150 foot drive! Still, I wouldn't buy one of those things ;-)