Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wherein Rosemary tears up her PhD and hires on at McDonald's

Part of my job at WVU is to work with our English-education majors, both in the classes I teach--especially the young-adult literature class--and out in the local schools where they're doing their observations and student teaching.

I love this aspect of my work, and in fact applied for the job here three years ago specifically to do more of this sort of thing, which I'd started doing at UNC when we were short an English-ed faculty member or two.  There are few things more rewarding than working with future teachers, and seeing (sometimes in scary ways) exactly how the content students learn in their English major gets filtered down to the high-school classroom.

And then, I come across something like this.  Perusing our SiteMeter stats for this week to see how people arrived at Romantoes, I learned that someone in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, found us by Googling "the advenchers of tom scourer who is the author."

You know, Tom Scourer, by Samyul Clemmunts, better known as Margt Wayne.  Sigh.


yarmando said...

Choose to view it positively. Perhaps a very young person (one educated in the Whole Language "Make Up Your Own Spelling" curriculum) or someone like my severely dyslexic cousin was seeking this information on her own? Sure, the spelling is bad, but this person is taking a crack at trying to fill this information need.

Rosemary said...

You're absolutely right, Don. Plus, it gives me an excuse to start calling my husband "Tom Scourer," which is actually quite fitting.

Christy said...

I wish my husband's last name were Scourer! It might be a call to action :-).