Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wow--people actually read blogs!

I had an interesting voice mail on my work phone yesterday, from a guy in Charleston, who said he needed to talk to me about some of the things I'd been finding out at yard sales and so on. It took me a little by surprise, and it wasn't until he mentioned some old WVU dance cards that I realized he was talking about an old blog here on Romantoes.

Apparently, one of the dance bands mentioned there had been led by his dad back in the 1920s, and he had been surprised and delighted to see his dad's name on our blog.

I was surprised, too, I can tell you. We write here on this blog a) for ourselves, b) for a small group of people who we know are readers because they comment or give us occasional feedback in other ways, and c) for a possibly somewhat larger group of more-or-less regular readers who don't comment all that often--and that's about it. But sometimes, it seems like there's other folks who find something of interest on our blog, and it was a pleasant surprise to be reminded of that.

I called him back this evening, and we chatted about this and that (everything from comic books to rescue cats), before the Mountaineers game got started.

It turned out that only one of our dance cards came from a dance where this guy's dad had played, which was kind of a shame. But the card itself is a sweet little thing, from the Pi Beta Phi Spring Formal, March 26, 1927. The band is listed, there's a dozen spaces for names of dance partners (none filled in, in this case), and lists of Patronesses, Chaperones, and Active Members of the sorority. But it's got a nice leather cover and some neat glassine endpapers in a very 1920s spiderweb design.

I'll drop it in the mail to him tomorrow.

Image via CakeWrecks.


Christy said...

It's always a thrill when a stranger finds his or her way to our blogs and finds something worthy there. There's a curious intimacy about it -- a fast friendship. For most of us who sustain these quixotic little blogs, I think, comments are more important than we'd probably admit . . . and comments from strangers are like Christmas.

LazyMF said...

How come the strangers you two get are cool? I get threats of small claims court suits and curses to my health.

Rosemary said...

Yeah, but LazyMF, you get the award for the longest sustained comment thread in all of blogdom--going on two years?! That's crazy!

(For the uninitiated, see