Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter treats

Somehow, we seem to have gotten into a holiday marshmallow making habit.

This time, my sister and I decided to make homemade Peeps.

We colored the marshmallow mixture yellow, and after it set up, we cut these out with a lovely old tin cookie cutter in the shape of a chick.

As you can see, some turned out better than others (which ended up looking more like teacups).  The trick seems to be to start with a very shallow layer of marshmallow, so the cutter can go clean through it.

We liked the chicks so much that we made some pink marshmallows and cut out bunnies, too.

But the best treat of the holiday was that the Pasque flowers bloomed right on schedule.  If you've never seen these, they're lovely, and the blooms continue to look interesting even after the petals fall off.

Wishing you all a very happy spring!

Blooming Pasque flower as it looked in Morgantown on April 19.  The lovely "after" photo is by Miriam Poling (courtesy of Creative Commons license).


Erica Retrochef said...

Yay, Peeps! :)

They look a bit more chick-like if they're next to the rabbits, then you get holiday context. Sweet!

(I have to try making some of my own, now...)

Beth said...

I'm ready for a pink bunny rabbit s'more.