Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More memories of going postal

Tom's post puts me in mind of the campus post office at Ohio State, which was also notoriously slow and staffed exclusively by grumpy "Randy"-type clerks.

The was one clerk, in fact, who was famously mean...those of you who visited the place probably remember him: a tall, rangy guy who looked like John Cullum, the actor who played Holling on Northern Exposure, but a bit younger (and way more hostile).

Anyway, during the long waits in line, "Buckeye Randy" could regularly be seen harassing international students, yelling at people who didn't know how they wanted to send their packages, and generally being a dick to whoever had the misfortune to appear before his window.

Remember back in high school when everyone had to read aloud in class, and you'd spend the whole time before your turn trying to figure out which part of the text you'd get stuck with? It was a little like that waiting in line at that post office. Would you get lucky and and get a different clerk this time? Or was it your turn for ritual humiliation?

Well, once I went to the post office shortly before Valentine's Day, planning to buy some "love" stamps to send cards to various folks. So, naturally, I got Buckeye Randy that day. Went up and said I wanted to buy some love stamps. Suddenly, he leans dramatically across the counter, arms outstretched, and says with a leer, "Do you want some LOOOOOOOOVE?"

Needless to say, I still have nightmares about that.

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Michael said...

Dig the graphic. Some of us still await silent Tristero's empire. Or is that what e-mail is?