Monday, May 12, 2008


The powers of Google tell me that the proverbial expression "Nothing propinks like propinquity" derives from Ian Fleming's "Diamonds are Forever," which I never would have remembered on my own (though I have read it). But the proverb itself has been on my mind, recently, as I've been thinking about the action and effect of this "Romantoes" blog.

Rose and I, of course, spent a big chunk of time in sunny Colorado, and moved (almost a year ago now, though I can hardly believe it), back to this part of the world, where a lot of people we knew in our previous life still live, including the authors of several of the blogs linkable from this one. Some of these folks we still know in our current lives, but some I haven't laid my eyes upon for many years.

Strikingly, and perhaps even inexplicably, given the much-touted ability of the internet to "erase" distances in the "real world," I actually feel like being closer to Ohio and Pennsylvania makes reading blogs like Wordshed and alt-tedium more relevant to me than if I'd read them while I was living in Colorado. Nothing, of course, would have prohibited me from reading Wordshed, say, even from Colorado, but just knowing that Pennsylvania is just up the road actually seems to make a difference somehow.

Maybe that says more about me than about the internet, but I guess I also want to say, it's nice to be here.

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